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New home and renovation plumbing, Geelong

When it comes to planning plumbing for a new home or renovation, it pays to be meticulous. You need to consider the layout of your home or extension and choose products carefully. Speaking to a plumber is the first step in any household plumbing plan, so contact CallUs Plumbing & Roofing as early as possible in the design of your new home or renovation.

Even though new home plumbing is very much behind the scenes, when something goes wrong it is extremely frustrating, and will be much more expensive to fix once the house is complete. Try to eliminate as many possible problems as you can by planning in advance. Get the best from your household plumbing by detailing where you are going to put toilets, taps, sinks and other appliances. Where will the laundry be situated? Where will the showers and baths go? Is there anything else that requires water inlets and outlets? We can help you determine all of these things, as well as alert you to other plumbing issues you might not have considered.

Call us for a free quote, and let us work with you to ensure that your new home build or renovation is as smooth as possible.

Once your new home or renovation is complete, you can rely on CallUs Plumbing & Roofing for all your future plumbing needs. We are the Geelong plumber for a blocked drain or leaking roof right through to hot water repairs and gas fittings.