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Prevent calls to emergency plumbers in Geelong

One of the most peculiar of all the weird and wonderful plumbing stories we’ve encountered during our years providing 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Geelong and district is the one involving a dog stuck in a toilet.

The poor pooch, one of the terrier types, somehow ended up with its bottom half well and truly in the toilet, with its front paws and head peering out over the seat. Bizarre!

Now, we must point out that we weren’t involved in this case and that the pooch probably didn’t really need an emergency plumber to rescue it from its dilemma, but the dog down the loo is an example of the amazing array of preventable plumbing emergencies we regularly encounter.

Want to keep a terrier out of the toilet, simply put the lid down. That one’s simple and fairly obvious, but some of the other emergencies Geelong plumbers encounter are also relatively easy to avoid.

Blocked drains are a common household emergency in Geelong and beyond and many times it’s the actions of the householder that have caused the emergency in the first place. Take the shower, for instance. Anybody with teenage daughters can vouch for the amount of hair that finds its way into the drain each morning. Combine that mass of hair with soap and all the other bits and pieces that come off in the shower and you’ve got a blockage in the making and an emergency call to your plumber when water starts pouring out of the drain and over the floor. Geelong and district householders can avoid blocked showers simply by taking the time to regularly clear the drain of matted clumps of hair, soap and whatever else has gathered in the drain grate. It’s not pleasantbut it’s certainly better than flooding your house.

Kitchen drains are another source of blockages and emergencies plumbers in Geelong and beyond have to contend with. We’re always happy for the work but know our clients would rather have the money in their accounts. One of the easiest ways to avoid a blocked kitchen drain is to not treat the drain as a compost bin. We’re all guilty of washing a few scraps down the drain while doing the dishes or even while preparing mealsbut it’s one of the surest ways to end up with a blocked drain. Make sure you kitchen drain has a plug with a filter that traps vegetable peelings and other waste before it makes its way into your pipes. Most modern sinks come with plugs which double as a filter. If you haven’t got one of those drains or plugs then talk to us. We can install one for you.

Most of us have a shower caddy or shampoo rack in the shower and more often than not the rack hangs from the showerhead, where it’s most accessible. Unfortunately, hanging items from the showerhead, or any plumbing for that matter, can have disastrous consequences. Showerheads aren’t really designed to bear weight and their threads can strip. Having the showerhead detach mid-shower is no fun, so find somewhere else to hang the shampoo.

If you’re the home handyman type – and what bloke isn’t? – please think twice about doing any plumbing work yourself. Grabbing a wrench and tackling the fittings on those pipes might look easy but, trust us, plumbing work can all go pear-shaped in an instant with stipped threads, cracked pipes and worse. Please leave plumbing jobs to plumbers, particularly emergency jobs and especially anything involving gas which can lead to explosions and fires.

Please, use a little common sense, keep up the household checks and maintenance, don’t use plumbing fittings for the jobs they’re not built for and don’t force or over-tighten any plumbing fittings and you shouldn’t need to call our 24-hour emergency plumbers. Although we’re the plumbers Geelong turns to in emergencies, we’d much rather that you didn’t suffer the emergency in the first place.

If you’re in need of an emergency plumber in Geelong and district or simply need regular plumbing work, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.