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Top five reasons homeowners call their Geelong plumber

1. Backed-up drain or toilet

Food particles, oils and debris build up inside pipes and constrict flow. In baths and showers the problem usually is soap scum and hair that accumulates over time. The plumber is going to use a ‘drain snake’ to scrape the edges of the pipe and clear any blockages.

2. Fixtures that need fixing

Sometimes a tap won’t stop leaking no matter how much wrench pressure you apply or how many new O-rings you use to try to seal the connection.

Water under pressure carves new holes, and those holes grow. You will need to have a new fixture installed, as more often than not your existing fixture will not be worth repairing.

3. Leaking pipes

While some pipes will rupture because of freezing or similar temperature issues, most leaks come from wear and tear. All plumbing will wear out, and all plumbing will break when it starts to age.

At CallUs Plumbing & Roofing, our Geelong plumber will assess the plumbing pressure, and if it is too high they can install a professional plumbing device to regulate the pressure.

4. Water heater problems

Water heaters typically last eight to 10 years. Plumbers in Geelong are often called when a water heater starts leaking or is no longer heating properly. Minor problems can be repaired, but once a leak begins, the water unit cannot be repaired – only replaced.

5. Mysterious odours

Sewer systems emit gases from all the nasty stuff that runs through them. Modern toilets and drains hold water in a trap to prevent gas from entering your house, but sometimes it creeps in, especially if water has not run down the drain in some time and the trap is dry. Odours could also come through a broken toilet seal, which can be resealed and salvaged.