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Prevent calls to emergency plumbers in Geelong

One of the most peculiar of all the weird and wonderful plumbing stories we’ve encountered during our years providing 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Geelong and district is the one involving a dog stuck in a toilet. The poor pooch, one of the terrier types, somehow ended up with its bottom half well and truly in...
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Geelong plumbers for hot water heater repairs

Hot water heaters are one of modern life’s quiet achievers. They work away in the background, providing hot water for your showers, baths and washing, rarely receiving a second thought until that fateful day when – suddenly – the hot water stops. It’s on that fateful day, which must come for all hot water systems, we all develop...
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Top five reasons homeowners call their Geelong plumber

Food particles, oils and debris build up inside pipes and constrict flow. In baths and showers the problem usually is soap scum and hair that accumulates over time. The plumber is going to use a ‘drain snake’ to scrape the edges of the pipe and clear any blockages. Sometimes a tap won’t stop leaking no...
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